scenes from a meyerhoff family picnic

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group photo... don't we just look intelligent and scholarly.

group photo... don't we just look intelligent and scholarly

At this point in my life I’m playing catch – up with pretty much everything… including blog posts. So despite the fact that this event occured three weeks ago, here are some highlights of our Meyerhoff Family Picnic at Centennial Park in Ellicot City.

left to right, top to bottom: Gabby in a pose she calls "God Smiting"; Me and Jeremy; Antonio smiling or "cheesing" as some choose to call it; Gabby and Hannah on the par-tay bus

Most of the day was spent playing kickball or volleyball, which sometimes morphed into what we chose to call ‘hitball’ or even ‘calvinball’ because of the similar principle involving making up the rules as you go along.

An action shot of Hannah before and after diving for a volleyball and missing.

An action shot of Hannah before and after diving for a volleyball and missing.

Kickball, my favorite sport ever, was pretty fun except for the fact that the teams always seemed to be drastically unbalanced in terms of strength, agility, and catching skills, making it almost impossible for my team to ever leave the outfield.

a collection of picture of us either running to catch or kick that red playground ball.


brief analysis of salvo canine behavior

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After a recent weekend at Scott’s playing fetch with his dogs, I noticed this humorous pattern: While Rascal (black, pictured below) will actually run after and get the ball, Scout (pictured above) only appears to be running after the ball. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that he was actually running after Rascal and has no interest in the ball whatsoever. Lastly, Bailey (eggshell white, pictured below) has adopted the strategy of trying to attack Rascal in order to render him helpless before the ball is ever thrown, and then laying in wait after it is thrown because he is too lazy to actually get it.

Note: this post is actually just an excuse to post cute pictures of Scott’s dogs.

my apartment is basically a forest

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Why? Well, for starters, I decorated the empty wall next to my desk with a contact paper squirrel next to a tree:

And, so Scott feels more at ease knowing where all my straight pins are, this pin cushion that looks like a mossy stump:

things i learned from the vegetarian times

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The vegetarian times is a useful magazine, it taught me how to make this dinner:

… and the startling fact that VCU has apparently been “accepting research money with strings from tobacco maker Philip Morris USA. The company gave VCU $1.3 million in grants in 2007, this year, VCU has received $286,000. The grants come with a disturbing condition: Professors are not allowed to publish the results of their research, or even talk about it-without Philip Morris’s consent” (September ’08, p. 56). Oh, Dad and Lee, how could you have wanted me to go there?

In other news, I needle felted two penguins this week: